Wayne Swan MP

Federal Member for Lilley


BUDGET 2014-15

This is the Budget Tony Abbott promised he wouldn't deliver. This Budget cuts to the bone in health, education and social security payments including the age pension.

Disturbingly, it seeks to undermine the principles of Medicare through co-payments and reductions in payments to doctors to deter them from bulk-billing.

It smashes education payments to the states and health grants to hospitals by withdrawing at least $80 billion from the states. This will flow through to every school in the country and to every hospital.

It looks very much like the Federal Government is washing its hands of supporting schools and moving out of the hospital system as an attempt to set up an agenda to lift the GST as a new source of funding for the states.

When it comes to pensions, the changes to indexation and the new eligibility criteria will slice the incomes of millions of low income families and low income pensions.

The fuel tax increase is going to hurt people on lower incomes, this in addition to cuts to family payments.

Last year, Abbott and Hockey doubled the deficits over the forward estimates by $68 billion and now they're claiming to have halved them.

The cuts to health and social security payments are unnecessary and represent a Tea Party agenda that is now part of the DNA of Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party.

Tonight's Budget is not dissimilar from Campbell Newman's first budget and what it means for Queenslanders is an ongoing smash and grab in health and education.

There is plenty to campaign on in this Budget - school to school, hospital to hospital, doctor surgery to doctor surgery, shopping centre to shopping centre.

See Chris Bowen's media release here: http://www.chrisbowen.net/media-centre/media-releases.do?newsId=6820



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