Article - Ten Years After the Crash, Tax Competition Threatens Global Economies and Democracies

September 19, 2018

Ten years ago, the global financial system was rocked by the largest crisis since the Great Depression.

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Article - The Road Not Taken: Reflections on the Financial Crisis

September 18, 2018

History will conclude that the critics of Labor’s GFC response 10 years ago were hopelessly wrong. By avoiding a sudden, deep recession, Australia also avoided testing out what its effect may have been on our democratic system.

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Article - Turnbull Out of Touch with What Matters to Queenslanders

August 02, 2018

It’s no secret how critical Queensland will be in determining the outcome of the next Federal Election.

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The Needier Need a Meatier Media

March 19, 2018

Bernie Sanders rightly rails against the US corporate media for uncritically amplifying Donald Trump, the man with the loudest megaphone in the world, while the voices of the people worst hit by the US President’s policies are increasingly choked off.

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Article - Shining a Light on Tax Termites

December 12, 2017

Once again Labor’s 2013 tax transparency legislation has proven that sunlight is the best disinfectant. Last week the ATO revealed that one in three public corporations paid no corporate tax in the 2015-16 financial year, echoing the results from the previous year and exposing the maliciousness of companies that engage in corporate tax evasion.

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Article - The Hawke-Keating agenda was Laborism, not neoliberalism, and is still a guiding light

May 24, 2017

Language in politics is a fraught business. Certain terms and words are thrown around so often and so easily that they can lose their punch, if not their meaning. The recent article ‘Australian Labor led centre-left parties into neoliberalism’ had at its core a grossly erroneous claim – that the Hawke-Keating governments were the tip of the arrow for neoliberalism, globally and at home. In recent times, ‘neoliberalism’ has re-emerged as...

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